Twist & Slim

Twist & Slim
Twist & Slim
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Product Code : TS09
Brand Name : Multicare
Product Description

Twist & Slim 


Multicare Surgical Product Corporation is manufacturer of Twist & Slim.Ever thought of having a small machine that could help you exercise all your lower body muscles without making you hop from one machine to another at the gym. The Physique Massage Figure Twister is the solution to all your worries. This small machine lets you move and twist your body to tone up your thighs and hip muscles with ease. The Physique Body Massage Figure Twister is a small, firm, round machine that can be used on a hard surface for ideal use. The elevations present on the machine firmly stick to the feet over the marked area and avoid any slip or fall. The magnetic fields used in the device help enhancing the blood circulation in the body and its regular use tones the thighs, waist and hips. 



  • Excellent design
  • High durability
  • Easy to use


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