Digital Speech Trainer

Digital Speech Trainer
Digital Speech Trainer
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Product Code : DST09
Brand Name : Multicare
Product Description

Digital Speech Trainer


Multicare Surgical Products Corporation is manufacturer of Digital Speech Trainer from helps Speech Training of hearing impaired children. provides independent microphones to teacher and student. Speech signals of teacher & student are internally mixed and fed to a stereo headphone. Thus the student can simultaneously hear teacher’s and her/his own voice. 

 Specification -


  •  Inputs -    2 X Microphone Input for Teacher & Student, 1 X CD (Stereo) input
  •  Output -        Headphone (Stereo) Output for Student
  • Tone Controls - independent Tone controls for High /Normal/ Low level for each channel
  • Channel Selection - Headphone channels can be selected L only (left), R only (right),both L+R (left + right)
  • Digital Scale Controls - 2 X Settings keys for both Microphone & CD inputs
  • Digital Output -  dB level controls - 4 UP / DOWN Keys for each channel
  • Display - 16 X 2 LCD Display showing dB level scale settings for Microphone CD inputs Bar Graph for output of dB level.
  • Operating Power - 9V DC 2 Amp
  • Mechanical Dimensions - 220(W) x 150(D) x 45(H) mm
  • Weight - 1.5Kg 


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